Adam West is on the verge of oblivion. Sick of the ups and downs that life constantly throws at him, he makes a pact with himself: if things don’t get better, he’ll simply end it all.

Then, one day, Adam meets Liz, an intelligent, outspoken, bright-eyed girl who turns his world upside down with a smile. Desperate to discover what it is that makes her tick, he invites her on a series of adventures all across the West Coast. As they run, Adam discovers that there’s more to Liz than meets the eye and he does the last thing he ever thought he was capable of – he falls in love.

Haunted by shattered relationships and a montage of illnesses that never seem to give him a moment’s rest, Adam loses himself in Liz. Liz has problems of her own, though, and eventually, as they struggle to find their way, tragedy drives its wedge between them. Will Adam choose to hold on despite the challenges? Will Liz learn to love again? Will they both learn to remove the masks to which they’ve become attached?

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2 thoughts on “books”

  1. Hey!

    I’m a Wattpad reader and recently started reading your book. I love it, and I really do. I opened your blog link on Wattpad and also read some posts.

    You’re mind-blowing, Sir. I cannot effectively pen my words down. So, may my positive vibes reach you.

    Also, if you really don’t mind, I’m here for a favour.

    Not advertising, not at all.

    I don’t know if this is the right place, but I would love to hear your words all day.

    Can you please tell me how to overcome my envy for others? I want to be a good person, but somehow, envy always obstructs me. And quite frankly, I know I’m not perfect.

    Whenever I go to Google, what I get is how bad envy is. But I want to ‘learn’ how can I get rid of it. It sucks all joy out of me.

    This was the politest way I could put forward my request.

    Thank you. Good day!

    1. Hello, Vinvia! Thank you for reading!

      Envy is a tricky thing… I’ll admit, I myself struggle with it from time to time. I remember specifically two situations where I had jealousy in my heart. The first was when I was at church and I was busy doing something during the service so I wasn’t able to sit next to my best friend like I usually do and one of the other young men in the church sat next to my best friend. I was filled with such jealousy and even anger – stemming from insecurity – that I was completely distracted and was completely unable to enjoy my time at church that morning. The second instance happened this morning when my best friend gave my little brother a fist bump. Now, those who know my story know why I’m protective of my relationship with my best friend. So, while it sounds petty in this light, it all makes perfect sense to me.

      Nonetheless, jealousy and envy of any kind, I realize, bears no good. I have no ultimate answer for HOW to stop being jealous. It’s a discipline. I had to DISCIPLINE my mind to not allow that silly little fist bump which meant nothing to bring division to a relationship that was rich with love and affirmation and brotherhood. You literally just have to combat any lies that come from a feeling of jealousy with what you know in your heart to be true. Because our feelings will deceive us; they can’t be trusted. All we can rely on is what we know to be true because truth is not relative. It does not change. It is constant.

      For me, the truth is that my best friend loves me and that, next to his wife, I know him and love him the most. Sure, I felt jealous in that moment. But feelings only have as much room to run around in our minds as we give them. Sometimes we have to put a fence around them and that’s ok. Because in the end, it refines our character.

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