Songs of Starlight

SOS coverThe Stars grow silent.

Horatio – The King of Elandor, a Mage, fearful of losing his throne to Man. Will he fall victim to his lust for power?

Sarai – Raised by Men, only to discover the powers of starlight lays dormant in her blood. Will she forsake her family for her newfound powers?

Theo – A Hunter on the Shimmering Isle and a man who would give anything to protect his family. But will his bond with his sister be enough to save the land of the Mages?

Asa – A queen willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of unlimited power. But will she betray the man she claims to love?

Lucian – An assassin trained from birth to be void of emotion. What will he do when he becomes overwhelmed with remorse?

It is the eve of war and all must choose their allegiance.

War is coming.

SoS preread banner

Songs of Starlight is also available for pre-reading on Wattpad! Check it out here!

Series: Unnanmed, Book One

Word Count: Currently 2,336

Word Count Goal: At least 120,000

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