Arts of Blade and Shadow

Here, you can find any and all promotional material for my fantasy series Arts of Blade and Shadow, the first of which is A Reign of Frost and Fire, a story I’m sure you’ve heard me post about quite often.

Just save the pictures to your computer and share then anywhere on the interwebs. Be sure, though, to link back to my Facebook Author Page, my blog, or the place where one can pre-read the book for free!


full AROFAF concept 2

AOBAS cover concept with title

AROFAF cover 3 scaled

AROFAF wallpaper



Frost and Fire poster

Anavan crest

Tarondis crest

Thane-Thalion's crest

Drisuilisand crest

Drilthanis crest

Fantor Crest

9House Thane-thalion wallpaper

5House Dril'thanis wallpaper

4House Drilkith

3House Aranathir wallpaper

2House Anavan wallpaper

1House Anator wallpaper

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