dreaming in color

IMG_0126 I love capturing moments. I love looking at a picture and remembering who I was at that time, or remembering what I saw in that moment; recalling the significance of that exact sunset at that exact time.

You see, I’m a photographer. Not professionally, of course. But it’s a hobby of mine. I see something, and I capture it, forever frozen in my own histories.

I think that God gives us these moments for a reason. They give us a glimpse of heaven in a world where, for many, its hell on earth.

Yesterday, I wrote a piece of dialogue in Love and the Sea and Everything in Between that conveys this idea perfectly.

    “While, yes, we see fragments of hell leaking in through the fractures of a broken world, we can also see fragments of heaven breaking in. When that stranger buys that homeless man a meal. When people from all backgrounds and faiths join together to provide relief to those who suffered from natural IMG_1765disasters. When a mother holds her baby for the first time. When the sun sets at the end of a perfect day. These are the moments when heaven shines through in the midst of hell on earth.

“So, while hell is real, heaven is the greater reality. You just have to look for it.”

IMG_1690Look for the moments in life that remind you of love, hope, joy, kindness, compassion, courage, strength. Look for them and capture them forever in your heart.

(All images in this post © Brian McBride)

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