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what if books are magic?

What if books are magic and writers are magicians?

What if the stories we write become real, somewhere, somehow? What if the characters we create are born and as we write their stories, they’re living them? What if the worlds we create are real realities that have yet to be discovered? What if every time we set the pen to the page, a new life, a new story is born somewhere out there and we don’t even know it? What if writers have the ability to create something with just their imaginations and a pen? What if that is their magic?

No, not “what if”… Writers /are/ magicians. Because every character we create /is/ real, a soul without a body. They feel and they think and they react and they interact with other real people and they change lives. Because every story we imagine is real and it’s happening somewhere to someone, both within and without the pages of a book. Because every world we create /is/ real and your readers experience them as vividly as if they were standing on that soil themselves. Because every time you set your pen to the page, magic flows from your veins and spills like ink onto the blank pages, weaving lives, worlds, emotions, and stories together into a new reality. Because writers /do/ have the ability to create something with just their imaginations and a pen, with sheer willpower and means, with creativity and striving. That is their magic.

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nanowrimo // the end

It’s over. It’s done. It’s finished.

Well, it was two days ago. I just did a horrible job of blogging about it. (I apologize.)

I finished NaNoWriMo Friday night with, I think, three days to spare. I also happened to finish the first draft of Love and the Sea and Everything in Between. I ended at 51.5K, which is just 10K under my ultimate novel-length goal.

Then, two days ago, I began the second draft. I know, I know. Most people say you should wait between drafts, but I’m not most people. So hush.

I’m really satisfied with the story and with my plans for fleshing it out. I’m excited to see how it ends up and once it’s all polished, I’m going to be querying to agents. So, do keep me in your prayers. I would so appreciate it.

Now, for some snippets!


// It’s a funny thing. Even the darkness seems brighter since I met her.

// You can’t explain the harmony of it all, life and love, joy and sadness, anger and madness, but it’s all there, working together like the sun and the moon as they create the waves and the tide.

// I see her eyes as clearly as if she were sitting in front of me. They’re sirens, spurring me into maddening curiosity.

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nanowrimo // day 7

I’ve been absent due to a wifi outage at my home, but I’m back now and I come bearing snippets from my NaNoNovel, Love and the Sea and Everything in Between which has achieved 17K words!

Feast your eyes.

// “You owe me a tour of the rest of the city.”
“Liz, I’m gonna show you the world.”

// And I am here. And Liz is here. And we exist in the empty spaces. We exist in the blank pages of journals waiting to be filled. We exist in the places no one notices. And we notice them.
Because we are the empty spaces. And we are the blank pages, the stories waiting to be told.
And so we write our story here in the sand. Just me and her, empty pages writing each other.

// “Adam,” she says my name as though it were a thing to be lost.

// I’m falling. I’ve always been falling, descending into a cavern deeper than my eyes can see. But I’ve grabbed hold of something, a ledge that wasn’t there before, and I’m holding on.
I’m holding onto those three little words. And they’re not the ones you might expect. They’re simple and they’re elegant, but they’re a promise.
“To be continued,” I whisper to the empty seat beside me.

// I think there is a certain comfort in knowing that all things end, that endings are inevitable. Perhaps it reminds us that all the hell we see in the world is only temporary. Pain ends. Sorrow ends. Life ends. Relationships end. Perhaps it’s a comfort to know that there is absolute fulfillment to this thing called the circle of life, that death is the one thing you can count on to make good on its promise.
And perhaps it’s a relief to know that with every ending there is a new beginning. Like the tree that grows and grows, grasping at the sky, never quite reaching its zenith, it lives life dreaming and reaching never knowing it will fall short of the mark in the end.
And then it dies.
But the dream does not die with it. Because from the decay of that tree is birthed a new tree and the purpose, the dream, is renewed.
Perhaps all things end so that those who follow might never know that it is impossible to reach the sky. Perhaps all things end so that the world might begin again. Without winter, where would be the wonder in spring?
That’s why I like winter; it does all the work and spring gets all the credit. It’s is the nerdy introvert of the seasons.

// Maybe it is love that is this brutal, distant thing we seek.

// She rests her head on my shoulder and we sway. We drift further and further from the earth and now we’re among the stars. Everything fades away and it’s just us, adrift among the cosmos; her, the sun, and I, the moon.
And we sway, our hearts grasping at each other with an unequivocal passion. They beat out of the cages within us and I feel the gravitational pull they create, drawing me in. And I am helpless to resist.
I can feel the waves around us, building building building with the crescendo of the cello. The sea crashes and erupts, wild and free, subject only to us.
And I know with all my heart that I love this girl who is here, leaning against my shoulder. I breathe her in and I am whisked away, beyond the boundaries of time and space.
We are above it all, just me and her and the stars. The world is at our feet.

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the heroes we need

What determines a hero? Character? Personality? Behavior? All of the above?

Many of us use fiction to escape from the despair of reality, to venture into a world where heroes are alive and well, kicking evil’s butt. Whether its through movies, books, comics, TV shows, or what-have-you, we all long to live in a world with heroes we can look up to and emulate.

I want to highlight some of the heroes of the fictional realm that I admire.

#1 – Katniss Everdeen – The people she loves mean everything to her. She sacrificed herself to save her sister and was unwilling to kill the man she loved even if it meant she might die.Hunger Games... Another movie I didnt think Id care for but all in all ima fan really good movie!!:

#2 – Daryl Dixon – Most people might not consider Daryl a hero, but he has shown time and time again that he would do anything to protect the people he cares about. And to him, family is more than just blood.

When Daryl slings a crossbow over his shoulder, the heavens part and a blinding white light of sexual heat appears. True statement. (28 Reasons Why Daryl Dixon Is The Sexiest Man On “Walking Dead”):

#3 – Steve Rogers/Captain America – Good ol’ Cap. Justice, loyalty, honor, and the defense of the innocent and those he loves are all that matter to him. Repeatedly, he puts the good of others before his own well-being.

Which Superhero Should You Hook Up With? You got: Captain America. (Steve Rogers is the ultimate boy scout, but if you’re into an old-fashioned guy who happens to be a perfect human specimen and a legendary war hero, this is the jackpot. He’ll treat you very well.):

#4 – Samwise Gamgee – Even when the One Ring drove Frodo mad – to the point of cursing the loyalty of his best friend, Sam stood by him and never gave up on him. Sam saw past the darkness in the world. He saw the good.

March 2013 - Sean Astin - Toronto (Goonies & since the age of 7!):

#5 – Owen Grady – He saved people from dinosaurs at the (almost) expense of his own life. Plus he’s epic and played by Christ Pratt. What more needs to be said?

Daenarys - Mother of Dragons OWEN - FATHER OF RAPTORS that is all:

The world needs heroes. And unfortunately they can’t always be found in real life. Sometimes we have to turn to fiction to find peace for our souls. And what’s wrong with that?

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nanowrimo // stuff and thangs

It’s that time of year again, folks. NaNoWriMo begins in less than three weeks. And I finally know which novel I’ll be working on. (Also, I just finished the Walking Dead season premiere; as I’m sure you can tell by the title. 😉 )

I had to decide between In All the Rights Places (Contemporary), In the Nevermore (Dystopia), or Love and the Sea and Everything in Between (Contemporary). I settled on Love and the Sea after watching Paper Towns for the first time last night. And I couldn’t be happier – or more terrified – about it.

tumblr_m7mb2odzbh1rsm2tu.gif (350×196)

I feel totally unprepared, but ready to take on whatever these characters bring my way. Except that I don’t. At all.

This story will be the end of me, I swear.

anigif_enhanced-5572-1405990661-2.gif (500×250)

But I think this story will help me work some things out. After all, it’s based on my own life. This story will be the definition of the feels. They’re already taking me completely over.

tear+book+page+out+angry.gif (340×202)

But anyhoo…..

I’m already a few thousand words into the story so I won’t be starting from scratch. So here, satiate yourselves with some snippets.

“Let’s Go.” “Where?” “Nowhere. Everywhere. It doesn’t matter. Let’s get lost.”

“You have a thing for the ocean don’t you?” “Yeah.” “Why?” “Because it’s as vast and endless as I feel.”

And for the first time in my life, I see the stars.

“Tell me what you see, Liz.” “I see a universe full of endless light.”

And I think in that moment, as I watch her eyes watch mine, heaven becomes real again.

(All snippets a copyright of me, Brian McBride)

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dominion // cover reveal

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that I’ve been editing Dominion, book two in The Starcrafters’ Saga and preparing it for publication.

The original plan was to release the book by the end of the year, but… due to recent events I don’t think that will happen. And that’s okay! Rather than stressing out about a self-imposed deadline and letting the pressure overwhelm me, which would take my focus away from editing the story, I can spend more time fine-tuning the things that need fine-tuned. And trust me, it will be so worth it.

If you’ve read Paradox (book one), expect greater, bigger things in book two. I’m very excited to get this book into your hands!

In the mean-time, I’ve got a cover for you! I will be self-publishing through my own imprint, Avalon Legacy Press, and I decided to purchase a professional cover design because, let’s face it, we do judge a book by its cover.

So, at long last, here it is!

Dominon full frontal


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where you’ll find me

"Someday i'll wish upon a star,  wake up where the clouds are far behind me,  where troubles melt like lemon drops,  high above the chiminey tops,  that's where you'll find me"

“where you’ll find me”

where the sand meets the sea

that’s where you’ll find me



roaming the jagged line

that gently divides

land and tide

where the wind meets the trees

that’s where you’ll find me



extending to the sun

above roots that run

‘tween pain and love

where the stars meet the night

that’s where you’ll find me



lighting the atmosphere

with all that i hold dear

to guide you here



for where i am is not where i was

where i will be;

that is where you’ll find me

-brian mcbride