A Reign of Frost and Fire

This is the first book of an epic new fantasy series, Arts of Blade and Shadow.

AROFAF full concept coverA broken-hearted queen…

A land plagued by a powerful magic…

A girl with an incredible destiny…

A boy with an amazing purpose…

In the land of Aelyndaeria, a land divided by an ancient war into nine realms, a young girl is unaware of the destiny that seeks her out, and a young boy is oblivious to the fact that he is bound by duty to aid her in her quest.

The first realm of Aiordess, a realm ruled by its harsh seasons, fell under the enchantment of their beautiful, and once kind-hearted, princess. They did not know that she would betray them and usurp the throne.

Tasked with restoring the realms, young Ranelle sets out on an adventure that will change her life, and the lives of those she encounters, forever.

Series: Arts of Blade and Shadow, Book One

Word Count: Currently 55.1k

Word Count Goal: At least 90k

Read it here!

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