heart and soul

Last Friday, my novel Love and the Sea and Everything in Between won the 2016 Wattys. Those of you who don’t know, The Wattys is the world’s largest online writing contest, hosted by Wattpad.com, which is the world’s largest online writing community. LATSAEIB won in the category of Hidden Gems.

Out of over 140,000 entrants, only 100 were selected as winners. And my novel was one of them. Somehow, the judges saw something in my little book that caught their attention.

This novel has been my heart and soul for more than a year now. So I’m sure you can imagine the euphoria of learning that it had won an actual award. Of course, I couldn’t wait to tell my family and my best friends. I was at work at the time, so I texted them all that I had news but refused to share it with them until I could see them face to face.

This is the moment that makes it worth it. Actually, I take that back. The moments that make it worth it are when readers will message you or comment on bits and pieces of your story and they will tell you how you inspired them. I’ve had innumerable readers tell me that my story gave them hope. It inspired them. It challenged them. Those are the moments that make it worth it.

But I’ll admit, it’s incredibly affirming to think about the fact that I am now legitimately an award-winning novelist.

Now, if only an agent or publisher out there can just see it. 😉


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