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when the Spirit breathes

If there’s one thing I know about God it’s that He loves to speak to the heart of the seeker. Even when I’m in a season of struggle, or pain, or temptation, or darkness He is faithful to speak when I consecrate myself to Him. I know there are some people who believe that God doesn’t speak anymore, that what’s written in Scripture is all He’ll ever speak to His people. Well, yes. And no.

I’ve found that God will often speak to me by putting an image or a phrase in my spirit and I’ll start to pray about it and think about it to try to figure out what He’s saying until finally it just clicks. The Spirit is very alive and real today, and He loves to be active in our lives. The interesting thing about it, though, is that we always have to line up what God’s saying (whether it’s a personal word, a prophetic word, a word of encouragement, etc…) with the Word of God. Why? Because that’s how we determine whether or not the word we’ve heard in our spirit is Holy Spirit or not. Holy Spirit will never undermine the Word of God because it is the plumb-line, the thing we measure our lives by.

“Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God.”

– 1 John 4:1

Sometimes, the words He speaks aren’t even new revelations that have never been spoken; sometimes they’re revelations already hidden in the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit speaks to us until we discover them. There’s beauty in discovering the Living Word, in discovering Biblical truths through the breathings of the Holy Spirit. It reminds us that God is active and He is speaking and He loves us enough to not remain silent in the seasons of our life.

I’ve come to this point in my life where I’m being convicted of a lot of things. A few weeks ago, during a church conference, this was said: “Don’t let the standard touch the ground.” And immediately Holy Spirit started speaking to me, saying, “Why is it that so many believers are satisfied with holding the standard just high enough rather than holding it has high as possible?” From there, my life has been a constant cycle of discovering things about myself that need correction. Interestingly, immediately after returning from the conference my church began a series called “Re-Calibration”, examining Hebrew 2:1, which says,

“We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.”

So basically what happens, is God starts speaking to me, telling me to fix some areas in my life that I’ve lowered the standard, and then my church launches into this journey of re-calibration, “fixing our drift.”

And it’s been hard. Correcting your course is hard, especially when you have to take a “hard left” from the direction you were going. As humans, we’re always drifting too; so we have to constantly fix our position. But one thing I’ve found is that whenever I fix my drift, whenever I fix my position, whenever I set my sails to the Spirit of God, He speaks, loud and clear. And through all this, the cry of my heart has simply been, “God, silence any noise that drowns out the sound of Your voice.”

I don’t want anything in my life to even bear the potential to silence God’s voice in my life. Like TV. How silly would it be to let television be the one thing that manages to silence God’s voice in my life? (No, I’m not giving up TV, though there are certain programs I, personally, have been convicted to give up.)

Believers these days shy away from the words “conviction” and “holiness” and “consecration.” They think that these words lack grace. The thing is, these words describe grace in action. When we’re convicted to consecrate our lives to the Lord, we finally make room for God to speak. God won’t move where He isn’t welcome. It is through the grace of God that Holy Spirit alerts us (through sermons, through song lyrics, through whisperings in our own spirits, through the words of trusted leaders, friends, and family…) of when we’re drifting. It is the grace of God that gives us the opportunity to fix our drift so that we can hear His voice loud and clear in our lives. It is not wrath that brings conviction, it is not legalism that teaches holiness; it’s grace.

I guess it comes down to whether or not we want to hear the Spirit breathe in our life. If we do, then there are some things we’ll have to set aside so that we can fix our drift. I, for one, have made up my mind.

I want to be ready, with heart open wide, for when the Spirit breathes.


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