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rain is coming

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Soon, these desert days will be behind us – monuments of seasons past.

A little over a week ago, LA hosted the 110th anniversary gathering of one of the greatest spiritual awakenings America has ever seen – the Azusa Street Revival. Now, I’m not here to talk revival theology with you. What I’m here to say is that I see the promise unraveling. The promise that “in the last days” God will pour Himself out – raw, boundless, passionate, overflowing, infinite – and mankind will see the greatest spiritual awakening ever promised from the mouths of prophets ordained by God.

What does this mean?

Maybe, at long last, the Church will reclaim the forgotten things of her faith. Maybe the Church will finally stand up and take back what her enemies have stolen. Maybe the Church will finally reclaim her inheritance, her birthright. Maybe the Church will finally reclaim the supernatural gifts to equip her in the battle against the coming darkness. Maybe She will finally reclaim the prophetic movement of the Holy Spirit, supernatural healing, divine appointment, eternal destiny, signs, wonders, and miracles. Maybe, at long last, the world will finally see the Church for what She was created to be – an open heaven.

I’ve heard this phrase in my spirit for weeks now. Open Heaven. I meditated on what this meant for a long time before hearing this: this spiritual idea of an “open heaven” has a twofold definition – God longs to open heaven over us (pour out His Spirit in a way that transforms us), but He also longs to rebirth us as open heavens, each of us. (establish His Spirit in us so that wherever we go, those around us can taste and see the Greater Things of God.)

I firmly believe that this is what God is calling the Church to – an open heaven.

You see, you may not realize it, but we’re in a drought. People – Christians – aren’t hungry, they aren’t earnestly seeking after the things of the Lord. In many cases, they barely go to church or involve themselves in the community of faith. Apparently, people are okay with “serving” a God who is rather inactive in the world today, who seems to stand idly by while His “people” bicker and fight and sneer at the world rather than love. You see, that’s not the God I serve. That’s not the God the Bible reveals.

On the contrary, my God is very active and He is always moving. His story is always unfolding, but in the world right now man has esteemed himself and man-made theologies and doctrines over what we see in Scripture.

My God is not dead. He is not the God of passionless living, of liturgy, of scripts, of blind traditions, of apathy, of dead faith.

My God is alive. He is the God of miracles, of transformation, of wonders, of shifting, of refreshing, of supernatural power.

And in the midst of these dry bones, I choose to stand in this Valley of Decision and say, “Let it rain.”

And my faithful God continues to sing over me, “Rain is coming. Rain is coming.”


4 thoughts on “rain is coming”

  1. I was lucky enough to GO to the most recent anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival, and I just want to say that I whole-heartedly agree with this post. We are at a cross roads, and I believe from the bottom of my soul that God will pour himself out on this country and that we will see miracles and revival here. It may take longer than many of us believe, but I truly believe it will come to pass as long as people will hit their knees and hold on to those promises and believe for those miracles and the greatness of God to come down ❤

    1. That’s so awesome! I wish I’d have been there, but apparently God wanted me here. 😛

      Have you heard of the revival going on in West Virginia? Over 1500 students saved and 150 filled with the Spirit. That’s amazing! Revival is coming. Heaven is opening! 😀

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