wilder ground // a rebranding

As much as I cling to consistency, change has a way of forcing itself down my throat.

Recently, I’ve felt the appearance of my blog just wasn’t quite right. I’m an aesthetically-minded person so, for me, I needed to find something that would fit my tone, my voice, my story, and my aesthetic.

So, I spent a lot of time meditating on it. I tossed different titles around in my head. I knew I wanted a minimalist appearance; that part was easy. It was the title that really had me stumped for the longest time – after all, the name of a thing is an important and prominent part of its identity.

I thought to myself, what do I want to identify my blog as? How do I want others to identify my blog? After a long while, I finally settled on Wilder Ground.

wilder ground 2

I wrote this poem a short while ago, titled Such A Broken Noise:

What more does this violent tempest achieve

than drowned shorelines and a fractured sea?

What more could such sorrow be

than souls forgotten in catastrophe?

What remedy to mend the pain?

What solitude to keep me sane?

Such a broken noise there is beneath a broken earth –

as such our sorrows tell the tales of every thorny root!

Oh, how we are lost in this din –

Wildlings chasing wild things –

living ‘til we begin again.

“Wildlings chasing wild things – living ’til we begin again.” It was this line that settled into the caverns of my soul, seeping itself into every fractured stone and every thorny crevice. I feel like the atmosphere I’ve created with my blog is one of wondering on the important things, wandering through the painful things, all in an attempt to come to some sort of resolution – for myself, or for others.

I decided that when my readers venture to my site, I want them to step onto “wilder ground” – a place where difficult topics that many people keep silent on are confronted, a place where creativity is embraced, a place that recognizes that all human beings are wild creatures with hearts untamed, a place for the wanderer to come and sit for a cup of coffee while reading a poem that speaks to their soul, a place where people in a seemingly perpetual state of confusion about their life and their dreams can come and seek stability and solace.

So, come, take heart and have a seat.

We’re all wild here.


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