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a year without music

For the last few weeks leading up to the new year, something began to shift in me. I can’t place it exactly, but it was something spiritual. Now, a week into the new year, I think that maybe it was a process of healing, of clarity, of surrender. Something deep inside me is changed; I’m different than I was before.

And during that time, I began to feel a nudging in my spirit. At first, it was just that whenever I tried to listen to “secular” music, it didn’t feel right and I was unsettled. So I would give up and switch to one of my worship playlists. But it didn’t stop there. Instead, this nudging began to disturb me more, moving me out of a place I found comfortable.

And, after reading a fellow blogger’s post on a similar subject, I began to hear in my spirit that I should take this year – 2016 – and do a complete fast from secular music. Not all music. Just non-worship music.

Why? Well, I began to pray this in my spirit last week: “Lord, silence every noise that would drown out the sound of your voice.


Sometimes, there’s so much noise in our lives. Maybe it’s busy schedules, hobbies, work, activities, too much leisure, or overthinking the simple things. So much of these seemingly harmless things (and others too) end up drowning out the sound of God’s voice in our lives. It’s like the dissonance that comes when you hit random notes on the piano with your left hand while trying to play Beethoven on your right. Consequently, these innocent things become harmful.

So that, I feel, is why I was led to make this decision. It seems drastic, I know, to embark on such a long-winded fast. But I’m desperate.

I’m desperate to hear His voice in my life. And I’m desperate for whatever He has for me. And I’m desperate for revival in my life, in my church, and in my city and nation. I’m desperate for more of God. I’m desperate for restoration. I’m desperate for empowerment to do the things God’s called me to do. I’m desperate for His raw and unfiltered love, truth, and grace.

There’s nothing I want more.

So, yeah, stepping away from secular music for the whole of 2016 may seem a little severe, but I don’t care. It pales in comparison to even a moment spent in His presence.

And there’s nothing I want more.


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