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nanowrimo // the end

It’s over. It’s done. It’s finished.

Well, it was two days ago. I just did a horrible job of blogging about it. (I apologize.)

I finished NaNoWriMo Friday night with, I think, three days to spare. I also happened to finish the first draft of Love and the Sea and Everything in Between. I ended at 51.5K, which is just 10K under my ultimate novel-length goal.

Then, two days ago, I began the second draft. I know, I know. Most people say you should wait between drafts, but I’m not most people. So hush.

I’m really satisfied with the story and with my plans for fleshing it out. I’m excited to see how it ends up and once it’s all polished, I’m going to be querying to agents. So, do keep me in your prayers. I would so appreciate it.

Now, for some snippets!


// It’s a funny thing. Even the darkness seems brighter since I met her.

// You can’t explain the harmony of it all, life and love, joy and sadness, anger and madness, but it’s all there, working together like the sun and the moon as they create the waves and the tide.

// I see her eyes as clearly as if she were sitting in front of me. They’re sirens, spurring me into maddening curiosity.

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