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nanowrimo // day 7

I’ve been absent due to a wifi outage at my home, but I’m back now and I come bearing snippets from my NaNoNovel, Love and the Sea and Everything in Between which has achieved 17K words!

Feast your eyes.

// “You owe me a tour of the rest of the city.”
“Liz, I’m gonna show you the world.”

// And I am here. And Liz is here. And we exist in the empty spaces. We exist in the blank pages of journals waiting to be filled. We exist in the places no one notices. And we notice them.
Because we are the empty spaces. And we are the blank pages, the stories waiting to be told.
And so we write our story here in the sand. Just me and her, empty pages writing each other.

// “Adam,” she says my name as though it were a thing to be lost.

// I’m falling. I’ve always been falling, descending into a cavern deeper than my eyes can see. But I’ve grabbed hold of something, a ledge that wasn’t there before, and I’m holding on.
I’m holding onto those three little words. And they’re not the ones you might expect. They’re simple and they’re elegant, but they’re a promise.
“To be continued,” I whisper to the empty seat beside me.

// I think there is a certain comfort in knowing that all things end, that endings are inevitable. Perhaps it reminds us that all the hell we see in the world is only temporary. Pain ends. Sorrow ends. Life ends. Relationships end. Perhaps it’s a comfort to know that there is absolute fulfillment to this thing called the circle of life, that death is the one thing you can count on to make good on its promise.
And perhaps it’s a relief to know that with every ending there is a new beginning. Like the tree that grows and grows, grasping at the sky, never quite reaching its zenith, it lives life dreaming and reaching never knowing it will fall short of the mark in the end.
And then it dies.
But the dream does not die with it. Because from the decay of that tree is birthed a new tree and the purpose, the dream, is renewed.
Perhaps all things end so that those who follow might never know that it is impossible to reach the sky. Perhaps all things end so that the world might begin again. Without winter, where would be the wonder in spring?
That’s why I like winter; it does all the work and spring gets all the credit. It’s is the nerdy introvert of the seasons.

// Maybe it is love that is this brutal, distant thing we seek.

// She rests her head on my shoulder and we sway. We drift further and further from the earth and now we’re among the stars. Everything fades away and it’s just us, adrift among the cosmos; her, the sun, and I, the moon.
And we sway, our hearts grasping at each other with an unequivocal passion. They beat out of the cages within us and I feel the gravitational pull they create, drawing me in. And I am helpless to resist.
I can feel the waves around us, building building building with the crescendo of the cello. The sea crashes and erupts, wild and free, subject only to us.
And I know with all my heart that I love this girl who is here, leaning against my shoulder. I breathe her in and I am whisked away, beyond the boundaries of time and space.
We are above it all, just me and her and the stars. The world is at our feet.


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