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letters to my future soulmate // the second

Dear Future Soulmate,

What do you dream of? Do you dream of me?  Do you imagine what our life will be like? Do you imagine our kids? Maybe even our pets? Do you dream of our first date? The first time we hold hands as we walk the coastline? Our first kiss? I do.

What do you hope for? Do you hope for a well-to-do life or will my love be enough? Do you hope for a house full of kids or am I all you need? I hope for these things too. I hope to provide for us so that you never have to go wanting. I hope that our love is  : what will inspire our children to grow into amazing men and women of God.

What do you fear? Do you fear the dark? Do you fear the night, what lurks in the shadows of your heart? Do you fear instability? Do you fear the past? Do you fear insecurity? Let me be the one to hold your hand in the dark, to wrap my arms around your shivering body and ward off the nightmares. I will never leave you alone to fight on your own. I promise. You and I, we can make something beautiful out of our pasts. Let’s mend them together and mold a brilliant future. Together.

What do you enjoy? Listening to Christmas music while drinking hot cocoa next to the Christmas tree? Reading a good book by the fireplace? Expressing yourself through paint? Music? Pictures? Writing? Let me be the one to sing Christmas songs to you while I make us hot cocoa. I’ll write stories for you – stories you can read by the fireside. The worlds I create, they’re all for you.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re going through, I hope you know how much you are loved. And we haven’t even met yet.

Love always,

Your future soulmate


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