A Beautiful List of 30 Best #Heartfelt #Friendship #Quotes: Have you ever been so heartbroken, you could feel your heart physically aching in
your chest? I’ve been feeling a lot of that lately. Between vivid recollections of former relationships that ended disastrously and this new circumstance, I’ve had enough heartache to last a lifetime.

I recently discovered that a man from my former college whom I thought I was dear friends with unfriended my on Facebook. While I still hold out the hope that this is simply a Facebook screw-up, his lack of response to any attempt at communication seem to indicate otherwise.

When I left school, this man told me he loved me (not in a weird way; in a “you’re my brother and I’m here for you” way.) and that he would miss me. Now, six months later, he’s unfriended me on Facebook.

I’m mildly annoyed, kind of hurt, and vaguely confused.

I’m confused because I’m not entirely sure what I did to deserve being dropped like a hot potato. I left him out of all the stuff that went down between “J.J.”, my roommate, and I. (You can read about this story here.) I didn’t involve him. I treated him with love, respect, loyalty, kindness.

But he unfriended me. Out of the blue.

Naturally, those old feelings of rejection, abandonment, and worthlessness attempted to rear their ugly heads. But I guess I really have found my worth in Christ and not man because instead of subjugating myself to the onslaught of those depressive feelings, I feel what I guess might be considered righteous indignation at this sudden betrayal, seemingly, of my loyalty and love.

I know that I deserve better than this. I know that I am entitled to an explanation. Rather than brood because I’ve been betrayed (again) I stand firm in knowing that I am worth more than this.

And here’s why: imago dei.

I am the image of Christ. It is Christ in me who gives me my worth, who tells me I
don’t deserve such unkind, cruel
treatment from the very people who
claim to serve Him. It is Christ in me who determines my value and I am

And you are too. And anyone who does I deserve better, but I still put up with the shit...why???: not see that is not worth your time or your loyalty or your dedication. Invest yourself in the relationships that mean something.

Because you are priceless and you deserve better.


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