Life, Ponderings

things end and they begin

It’s called the circle of life. Yes, it’s screwed up. People die, relationships die, love dies. But that which ends also begins. Babies are born, friendships begin, romance blossoms. That which begins has no choice but to end. Likewise, that which ends has no choice but to begin.

The mighty oak grows and grows, grasping at the sky. Though, it never quite reaches. It lives life dreaming and reaching not knowing it will fall short of the mark in the end. And then it dies.

But the dream does not die with it. For from the decay of the mighty oak is birthed a sapling of like kind. And within the sapling its elder tree’s dream is reincarnated.

Perhaps all things end so that those who follow might never know that it is impossible to reach the sky. Perhaps all things end so that the world might begin again.


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