Introducing: “Running With Wolves”

So, I actually started this story a while ago. But WordPress has been acting weird and won’t let me post anything… (In fact, I was going to post about Maleficent the movie, but WordPress wouldn’t let me and I didn’t have the patience to rewrite the entire post.) Anyway…

I’ve been working on Running With Wolves for a while. This story… gah. It’s caused me such emotional turmoil. It’s disrupted my daily life. I spend the majority of my waking hours thinking about what I can do to better the story. And when I write, RWW is what I’m working on.

You probably want a synopsis, eh? Well, first you must be warned. Running With Wolves is a tragedy. It’s a love story. It’s a story about the beauty of love and forgiveness. Oh, and wolves, too. No, it’s not paranormal. No, it’s not fantasy. Running With Wolves is completely outside of anything I’ve previously written. For this story I’ve had to step completely outside of that dreaded box called Comfort Zone. 


Here’s the synopsis: 

My tears are all the words I never said.

Ashley Winters never could’ve imagined a life without her father. But now she’s forced to live it.

After her father’s death, Ashley’s mom sends her and her little brother, Benji, to live with their grandparents in Alaska. One problem: Ashley doesn’t want to go.

Forced to leave her mother and her friends behind for the summer, Ashley must discover what it means to forgive herself and others. She’ll soon discover that the healing she so desperately longs for can be found in unexpected places. And maybe the mysterious boy named Little Wolf can help.

Yes, I realize the synopsis is poorly written. It’ll take some time to write a better one. 😛 Here’s a couple quotes to stave off your hunger,



You can read the first few chapters of Running With Wolves on Wattpad if you like. (Warning: contains mild thematic content and some language)


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