Make it your own.

I have a problem.

I struggle with feelings of inadequacy as a writer. I look at popular hits like Game of ThronesLord of the RingsNarnia, and other best-selling epics and I try to make my story more like those ones.

I feel like, unless I turn my story into what is popular, nobody will ever give it a second glance.

But I couldn’t be more wrong. Whether I gain readers or not, that’s not what writing is about. I’m telling a story and I’ve chosen to share that story. Whether or not people read it is up to them. It isn’t my job to write the next Lord of the Rings or the “Christian solution to” Game of Thrones. My job is to write the stories I’ve been blessed with. My job is to write the first Arts of Blade and Shadow, the first Starcrafters’ Saga. My job is to make the world, the characters, the magic my own.

I’m sure I will always struggle with feelings of inadequacy, but if I train myself to break the standards I’ve set for myself, then one day I can defeat those feelings.

Make your story your own. This isn’t defeat.


1 thought on “Make it your own.”

  1. I felt this way too for a long time. It is very easy to think we have to be the next Tolkiens, because that is how Authors are always being labeled. “She is the next J.K Rowling!” “His series is the next Lord of the Rings!” But none of our books are like that. As you said, ours are firsts. Your books are the first and only of your own creation, they don’t need to replace Middle Earth to be brilliant.

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