The Broken Survive

ImageDamaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.” – Josephine Hart

Anyone who has read any of my work knows that I often write about broken people. Some of you may wonder why and others may think it’s getting old. I doubt I will ever stop writing about the damaged and the broken. The Weary Traveler, after all, carries a fantastic burden of tales. How boring would it be to read about a person who has no problems?

But that’s beside the point. The reason I write about the broken and the weary is because those who have been constantly beaten down, who bear the scars of many wars, they know how to survive. They’re fighters. The broken don’t know when to stop fighting. They’ll fight to protect everyone and everything they love and care about. These are the kind of people I want to write about. I want to invite my readers on not only an epic journey through worlds, but also a journey through the life of my characters. I believe that when I show the broken rising up against their enemies, wielding their sword with hope and righteousness, that I show their strength and the sheer force of their will. I don’t want my readers to leave feeling depressed or let down.

I hope to encourage my readers that no matter what trials they may go through, whatever scars they may have, they are survivors.

In the end, the broken survive it all.


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