How did that happen…?

Even though NaNo is technically over for me, I still felt it appropriate to continue to post stuff about AROFAF. (In other news, most people seemed to prefer the title of A Reign of Frost and Fire, so at this point I will be keeping it.) I haven’t finished my Enter the Realms blog series, so I will continue to do that as well.

But not today.

Today, I will share with you my new MMC, Mercher (A name I got off of a Celtic name generator site) No, he is not a Celt.

Mercher was… unexpected. I don’t really know what I was thinking when I decided to introduce a new main character halfway through the story… Hence the title of this post.


I have to say, though… I am really glad I did. Mercher is a unique character.

Here’s how he sort of… came into being:

My FMC (Ranelle) had been taken by the outriders and I was originally going to have my MMC1 (Brynne) fetch her, but… that was too “boring”. SO, I decided it was okay to add an epic new character who would compete with Brynne to the mix. No. Not okay. -_- Story, you are not listening. STOP.

Anyway, much to both my characters’ surprise, Mercher rescued Ranelle.

Now, I can’t stop. He’s come to mean something to me (in a non-creepy way, of course). Mercher is the type of man I hope to be. He defines what it means to be strong despite our brokenness. I want him to become the type of character that my readers can look up to.

And so, Mercher was born, a warrior greater than he could ever know.

You know who Mercher is on the inside, but I suppose you want to know what he’s like on the Imageoutside…? Well, he has dark brown eyes as piercing as arrows, raven-black hair that falls just past his square jawline, muscular frame, broad shoulders, A tattoo circulates his left upper arm. There are more physical details in addition to that, but you’ll have to read the story to find out about them.

Spoilers, sweety.


4 thoughts on “How did that happen…?”

  1. I already like him. He’s the kind of character, or seems to be, that I like though. Quiet and mysterious, trying to hide something, but cares about others. I want to read the book for him alone….and I don’t even know the plot yet. (Got behind on post reading so I missed a lot of yours, which is sad.)

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