I’m going to post a random selection of snippets for you to enjoy now. It’ll hold you over until my post tomorrow, which will be awesome, thank you.


    “Long ago, in the garden of the first man and woman, Elah walked with Man. His power was so great that it cast a shadow over the first man and woman. When you see believers of Elah who seem to be able to do things no other can, they are not using magic, for they do not incant. Elah blessed his people with the His constant presence. When one follows Him, they are always walking in the shadow He casts.

    “Today, the abilities displayed by the followers of Elah are called Shadow. We Watchers do not wield magic; we wield Shadow. Elah created us and so we serve him.”


    “So Elah is more than myth,” Brynne murmured to himself.

    Tanalla nodded. “He is so much more.” She turned back to Ranelle. “Tell me, where is the pendant? I should like to see it.”


    “What shall we do about retrieving the pendant, Ranelle?” Tanalla asked as In’ri moved over and sat in the old Watcher’s lap. The owl hooted softly, blinking its lazy eyes.

    As Ranelle strapped her sword and dagger to her hip and fastened her red cloak to the collar of her dress, she smiled. “I was thinking we might do it… covertly.”

    With that, Ranelle covered every inch of her body with the red material. Though she didn’t feel any different, she knew by Tanalla’s shocked expression that it had worked.

    Ranelle had vanished.


The owl hooted. It is impossible to tell me not to fear for the life of my Kyn. What she feels, I feel. And right now, I feel her fear. Her heart beats fast against her chest.




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