Today I want to give you the gift of my male main character, Brynne. I recently won an art commission contest over at SJ Aisling’s blog, and I asked her to do Brynne.

ImageNeedless to say, she did a marvelous job.

Now, who exactly is Brynne? Well, I’ll tell you about him and then I’ll tell you who he is.

Brynne is almost a member of the Argents, a clan of people who serve the Supreme Goddess and train their entire lives in the art of magic. He meets Ranelle, my female main character, while he is on his initiative journey to retrieve the head of an Icegar.

Brynne remembers a prophecy about Ranelle and feels duty bound to help her.

But all of that doesn’t describe who he is inside.

Brynne is a man of conflict. He’s stern, but gentle. He must choose between duty and desire. His whole world is shattering as he realizes that he’s dedicated his life to a false god. He feels duty-bound to Ranelle, but he longs to become accepted among his peers in the Argents.

Brynne is loyal. He is strong, courageous, teachable. Like Ranelle, he can be stubborn (as his author, I would know).

I have enjoyed writing Brynne like no other character before. Ranelle too. It’s been a true pleasure. Plus, the art just gives me so much inspiration.


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