Enter the Realms: Fierden

Warning: Short post ahead.


ImageThe third Realm I’ll highlight is Fierden, a realm revered in all the realms as the producers of the finest of wines. Most of the citizens of the realm toil on vineyards and in wineries. It is also renowned for its gorgeous landscapes. Many a painter has found inspiration in the foothills of Fierden. King Besurlde wants nothing to do with the cursed land of Aiordess or its sorceress queen, Jacqueline, for fear that his many gods would curse the prosperity of his realm. Magic is outlawed because of the incident in Jahrdoen. The King would do anything to protect his rule.

Fierden would be among the last of the realms to be affected by Aiordess’ wintry curse and is therefore one of the warmest realms.

Many monsters live in its forests and the men of Fierden often make sport of hunting them down. Much like the Argents’ rite of passage, if a boy brings back the head of one of the forest monsters on his 15th birthday, he becomes a man.

    Other than monsters, there is very little wildlife. Fish is a main export of the coastal realm of Fierden as well.


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