No More Complacency

The following is something that has been on my heart for days that I am only just now penning and contains heavy doctrinal content:

As a youth leader, I am tired of seeing a new generation of youth who refuse to rise up. I am tired of watching as the Church stands divided. I am tired of watching people rise up against their pastors with the Usurper’s spirit! I am tired of watching so many in the Church open the doors to the Devil. Church after church falls into sin – arrogance, pride, division, hate. These are the spirits that so many in the Body try to force into the headship of the Church.

    I am tired of people rising up in the church as serpents; they tear down and berate their pastors. When their pastors rebuke them, they accuse them of being unloving. They forget that God is also capable of righteous anger. When the children of Israel refused the blessings God would have given them in the Promised Land, did He say, “You know what? I am going to let this slide because I love you.” Yes, he loved them, but they refused him. And for that, God punished them. They were sent to wander in the wilderness until all the murmurers and complainers were no more.

    God is a loving God, and He is a JUST God. He is not “either, or”, He is “both, and”.

    I am tired of the Church failing to be like Christ. Even some pastors themselves have let their guard down and become victim to the attacks of the devil. Preachers fill the pulpits with no other mission than to have the “largest church”. Serpents and liars fill the pulpits just as they do the church. And God is calling for the Church to return to the example He set in the Book of Acts, with the Early Church.

    There are people who accuse Pentecostal Christians like myself of being demon-possessed because they do not understand the level we’re on with the Holy Spirit. They see Spirit-filled Christians speaking in Tongues and prophesying and seeing visions, yet they believe that all of that died with the Apostles.

    Because they have seen demon-possessed people speak gibberish and commit acts of the supernatural realm, they judge Pentecostals as wicked.

    I am tired of churches that do not go after Revival. Some may ask what Revival is. It is this: Revival – A fresh outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit on His people.

    And even more-so than I could ever be, God is tired. He watches as church after church falls victim to division, to people who refuse to allow their pastors – their Holy-Spirit-appointed leaders – to lead them in the Word and in the Spirit.

    God’s calling, “Where are my warriors? Where are my men and women of courage and faith? Where are my people who will rise up against the forces of Darkness that berate the Church? Where are men & women who will stand behind their pastors and declare no entry to those who would try to tear them down? Where are men & women who will stand firm against the Jezebelian spirit that would try to crush the Church? Where are my warriors who will do relentless supernatural warfare against the evil spirits that people allow entrance into my Church? WHERE IS MY CHURCH? Why do you turn from Me? Why do you turn from My Word? You who try to lead my Church with blind eyes and deaf ears, your days are numbered.”

    I am so tired of watching as pastors are berated by the people who believe they have the authority to “bring correction” to their Shepherds. I am so tired of seeing church after church become complacent and apathetic. When will God’s people become on guard for the Body? Where are the Watchmen? Where are the trumpet-blowers? Where are the prayer warriors? Where are the worship warriors?

    As a youth leader, I have seen, time and time again, young people sitting back in prayer and worship with the attitude of: “This isn’t for me”, “They don’t need me”, “I don’t know how to pray/worship”, “I can’t step out into the altars for prayer or worship because I’d be the only one”.

    I am ready for a generation of young people to rise up as WARRIORS IN THEIR CHURCHES! I am ready for young people to dance in the altars, unashamed. I am ready for a generation of young people to do radical warfare over their youth groups, their cities, their churches. I am tired of complacent youth groups who come to “appease their parents” or “appease God”.

    No more!

    Satan does not sit idly by, doing nothing. He is constantly attacking. Why, then, are God’s people not constantly defending their pastors/churches/brothers and sisters in Christ? When will the young people of today’s church realize that they ARE A PART OF the Body of Christ? When will the Body of Christ rise up in warfare against the enemy?

    People view supernatural warfare as fiction. We may not physically see demons and angels everday, but there is a battle going on in the spiritual realm.

    And when will the church realize that they are not alone? Why do they fear battling the devil when they of all people should know that if God is for them, who could possibly be against them?

    We are in the last days. Now, more than ever, the Church needs to be vigilant and on guard. The need for prayer and worship and intercession is greater today than it has been in the last 100 years.

    It’s time for the Church to rise up as warriors and go after Revival!


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