Enter the Realms: Jahrdoen

Since I myself am curious what exactly happened to the realm that is no more, I decided I’ll do it next. 🙂

ImageJahrdoen is a wasteland. No one lives there anymore. The realm was once a prosperous and happy one. King Agnar allowed magic to be a legal attribute, but when he vanished magic was blamed and the queen, broken-hearted, ordered that all who were guilty of using magic be burned at the stake and purged.

    Without a king, the realm was left at the mercy of its stronger neighbor, Aiordess. Queen Jacqueline overthrew the queen’s throne and the winter that plagued Aiordess eventually overtook Jahrdoen. With no one left to care for the realm, it fell into poverty and eventually was left a wasteland.

    During the prosperous reign, the religious systems were diverse. Some followed the Creator, others followed the example set forth by the Argent clans and followed the supreme Goddess. Very few followed the Great Magician (whom I’ve since renamed to Elah). The gods and goddesses that are followed throughout the realms are to numerous to count. (Mostly because I haven’t yet finished creating the religious systems. 😛 )

    Well, that’s Jahrdoen for you… I kind of feel bad for King Agnar. Not so much his queen since she became a murderous wretch. XP


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