Enter the Realms: Aiordess

So, I was originally going to do one big post about all of the Nine Realms of Aelyndaeria, but… WordPress acted up, and so did my browser, so I lost all of my progress on that post. So, now, since I’m too lazy to rewrite it all, I am going to post daily blurbs about each of the Nine Realms!


First, a history of how the Nine Realms came to be:

Aelyndaeria was once united under one belief, but when the people began to turn away from the God of their ancestors and to foreign gods, the land became divided. Now each Realm holds its own various belief system and ruling class.

The First Realm of Aiordess – Aiordess was the first realm to break away from Aelyndaeria as a whole and become its own kingdom. It united under one belief: that the goddess credited for creation (otherwise known as the Creator) is the creator and controller of all life. There are the Monks of Shadra and the Sisters of Dakari.

The Monks of Shadra – Male counterparts to the Sisters of the Dakari. Believe the Creator of worlds to be the supreme among all of the spirits of the world. Creator of the spirits and the magical balance of the world. Their sacred objects are their “Bibles” which are called “The Tomes of the Bards”. They believe every life to be sacred and do not condone killing. There is a faction within their order who are warriors, their single mission to protect the innocent. They are not allowed to attend Devotions, as the blood on their hands does not permit it. They hold blessed services of their own. Their sacred relics include the Staff of Spirits, a staff that legends claim to have been spelled by a powerful sorceress to work under the influence of Dark Magic. It is said that if in the hands of a wizard or sorceress, it has the power to control the Spirits of the Earth. The Monks of Shadra protect the staff with their lives. The Abbot is the highest of their order. They live in the Shadran Temple, which is located on the border between Aiordess and Leyhirdin.

The Sisters of Dakari – The female counterparts to the Monks of Shadra. Trained in the Art of Life, the sisters are healers, apothecaries, scribes, and do not partake in battle. The highest of their order is the Sister Prior. She leads Morning Devotions and is charged with the task of organizing all humanitarian missions. They garb themselves in orange satin gowns that cover their entire body, with slits on the sleeves, and a veil that covers their faces when in the presence of warriors, as they do not want to become exposed to the Spirits of Darkness and Death that accompany every man or woman who has ever wielded a blade. Their religion is the same as the Monks of Shadra’s; They worship the Creator and her many spirits. Their morning devotions consist of the Sister Prior leading the liturgy. They recites bardsongs from the Tomes of the Bards, a book written by an ancient bard and prophet in homage to the Creator herself. Their most sacred relic is the Crown of Life, an artifact that the Sister Prior keeps locked up and hidden. It is said that the Creator had the crown forged and then bestowed it with the life force itself.

The land lived under the illusion of harmony, united under their belief in the Creator. Then a new faction rose in the land. They are the Argents.

The Argents – A group of male warriors who worship the Supreme Goddess (Legend says that the Supreme Goddess was once the Creator’s sister, but the Creator desired only to dominate all life, whereas the Supreme Goddess wanted nothing more than to have her people serve her of their own will. The Argents are the sworn enemies of the Sisters and the Monks. When an Argent boy comes of age (on their 18th birthday) they undergo a series of tests, and finally a solitary journey among the outworlders (those who do not belong in one of the Drayad clans). The goal is to return to your respective clan with the head of an Icegar (basically a monster of ice and fire), one of Queen Jacqueline’s many monstrous minions. Brynne sets out on his initiative journey. Their most sacred artifact is the Argentia, a silver jewel that is said to contain the very force that the Supreme Goddess used to create free will in the world. Every year, on the eve of the summer solstice, an Argent willingly sacrifices himself to the goddess, in reverence of her divinity.

Centuries later, under Queen Jacqueline’s (the antagonist’s) rule, Aiordess entered a winter like any other, but the winter remained, only to spread to the other realms. Animals have all but vanished, food is scarce and what little is grown must be treated delicately.

Magic is outlawed in Aiordess as the queen feels it is a threat to her reign.


Aiordess was once renowned for its garden forests and beautiful scenery. One of the locations 

acclaimed as the most luxurious in all the land was the In’ri Vale, otherwise known as the Purple Woods. ‘Twas a magical place where the flora and fauna and trees were many elaborate hues of violet.

Aiordess is anything but a Winter Wonderland. In fact, a more appropriate term might be Winter Wasteland.


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