NaNo updates, snippets, and plan of attack

Today, I hit the 13,000 word mark and still have a ton more to write. I’m really lovin’ this story 


and the characters and really hope you will as much as I do. 🙂 I’ve determined that I am going to succeed in this year’s NaNo, but that hasn’t come without its struggles. Already, I got behind yesterday (almost caught up done with today’s, though).

And this weekend is going to be hell. I will be gone at work and a church event all day tomorrow. Then church and work and Sunday. So, yeah… Hopefully I can get ahead a little bit today and catch up on the rest on Monday.

There’s something about NaNo that just causes the inspiration to flow as well. In fact, as I was mixing my writing yesterday with watching LEGO: Ninjago (I was going to try the Avatar TV show because a writer-friend suggested it, but it wasn’t available on Netflix and I ended up stumbling across Ninjago. I don’t know what it is about that show, but it’s so riveting and humorous. 🙂 ) But as I was doing those two things, I found an idea forming in my head of a totally different type of fantasy series that I’m really excited to start writing. But for now, I will be focusing on my current projects. This new idea will have to wait a bit. 😛

    I’ve formed a sort of attack plan (Thanks, Mirriam, for the idea!) for after NaNo is over.

1. Put A Reign of Frost and Fire on the back burner to “simmer”, as Mirriam put it.

2. Bring The Starcrafters’ Saga: Book Two, previously entitled Eclipse, but since renamed to Whitefire, and begin the editing process.

3. Begin writing The Starcrafters’ Saga finale, Brethren.

4. Publish Whitefire. (this’ll no doubt be a long process)

5. Bring A Reign of Frost and Fire out of hiding and begin edits

6. Write Arts of Blade and Shadow book two, A Crown of Ash

7. Let A Crown of Ash simmer.

8. Edit, then publish Brethren.

9. Begin searching for an agent or publisher or both for Arts of Blade and Shadow, book one.

10. Edit A Crown of Ash

11. Begin writing Arts of Blade and Shadow book 3, A Throne of Embers. Then let it simmer.

12. Edit A Throne of Embers.

13. Begin writing the Arts of Blade and Shadow finale, A Dance of Wind and Shadow, then go straight into editing.


14. Start my awesome new fantasy idea. I don’t want to reveal this idea just yet, though. ;P

Anyway, that’s my plan of attack. And, if I can do it all in a timely fashion, it’ll take only 1 year to 2 years.

    Now, for some snippets. 🙂 Ya’ll love that, won’tcha? ;P



    Gawayn turned to leave, but Amethya grabbed his shoulder. “But how will I know when the time is right?”      He turned his neck and stared into her eyes. With a grave look and a thundering voice, Gawayn said, “By the spirits, you will know.” 



    “Daresay, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

    “Things that fall tend to get broken,” Jacqueline said, still trying to ward him off. Her heart beat faster than a horse’s hooves against cobblestone.

                   “I’m willing to take that chance, my lady.”


    Laudelle leaned back in her chair, her expression taking on a serious tone. “’Tis true that the queen has allowed hate and rage to rule her heart in the same manner she rules the realm. ‘Twas long ago when the poor queen’s heart ‘twas broken beyond r’pair. Why, I remember when she was but a kindly soul, gentle, protecting even the life of the innocent sparrow. When she was but a princess, she could be seen explorin’ the land – that is, when it ‘twas lively and green.

    “She was quite the stark contrast to her father. A bloody king, he was. Gave no quarter to the guilty and no boundaries to the innocent. His daught’r would ‘a been a grand ruler; ruling with a just hand and a heart full ‘o compassion. ‘Tis a shame she let the darkness creep in through the cracks in ‘er broken heart.”


    Laudelle shook her head. “I’ll not b’ tellin’ you what you should b’ believin’. But lemme say this: no matter the god you serve, faith must always lead the way. In the end, whether it b’ at yer final judgment, or sooner, you will find the truth.” Laudelle took a sip of her cider and winked at Ranelle. “You know the funny thing ‘bout the Light? It’s always got this peculiar way o’ showin’ up when it’s most dark.”


Hope you guys enjoyed the snippets! Next week I’ll try my best to accustom you guys to the setting and the realms and my charries themselves. 🙂


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