Meet My Heroine!

Ranelle2Ranelle is her name. She is an 18-year-old orphan who thinks her mother’s ramblings of the Great Magician (the equivalent of God) are nothing but superstition. She serves the Creator, a goddess who is the focal point of two different orders. But enough about the religious systems of A Reign of Frost and Fire, my NaNoNovel.



Ranelle is headstrong, brave, and honorable. She was brought to her adoptive mother, Amethya, by a mysterious man after her mother died during labor. I don’t have much to

With only a magical red cloak, an intricate dagger, and a dazzling pendant to protect her on her journey, Ranelle sets out to fulfill her mother’s last wish.tell you about her as I am still learning who she is for myself, other than what her mission is: to destroy the queen and restore the Nine Realms to their former glory.

Now… who would like to see the working cover for A Reign of Frost and Fire?

Yes, I’m sure you all are chomping at the bit. 😉


Pretty, eh? 😉

Well, I best get back to writing!


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