The Beast Approaches

Some of you may know the beast of which I speak. That’s right: NaNoWriMo! (That’s National Novel Writing Month, for you rookies 😉 ).

    I am not the first one to refer to this national phenomena as a beast, dragon, titan, leviathan. Nor shall I be the last.

    I’ve participated in the last two NaNo’s, but circumstances did not allow me to get very far. This year, I hope to win my first NaNo with a new fantasy novel, tentatively titled Winter Tears.

    This post isn’t entirely for me, though, as I do have some exciting news for you, my dear readers. Mirriam Neal over at Wishful Thinking has inspired me to post snippets and bonus material throughout the month of November, as I write the story that I have been excited about since it came to my mind. 😀

    I’ll be posting the following throughout November:

  • Character posts.
  • Graphics.
  • Possible playlists.
  • Snippets.
  • Cover concepts.
  • Synopsis.
  • And fun posts about the world itself!

    I do hope that you’ll stick around long enough to enjoy some of these posts. I know that I am looking forward to sharing my new world with you.

    One thing I know for certain is that November cannot come soon enough. I’m ready to slay the beast!


8 thoughts on “The Beast Approaches”

  1. I am super excited for NaNo! It will be my second year. A severe lack of planning as well as the fact that I didn’t find out about NaNoWriMo until two weeks into it caused me to only reach the halfway mark. I hope to do much better this year!

    I love the post ideas! I was going to do posts on my progress through out the
    month, but this sounds like so much more fun!

    1. Me too! This will be my third year. The first two years, though, I didn’t get very far. :/ So I didn’t accomplish the goal. I hope to this year though! 😀

      Awesome! Yeah. 🙂

  2. Aw, the very scary beast – at least he can be sometimes – but he is also so much fun to fight!! I hope you have lots of fun. I can’t wait for November either.

  3. Looking forward to the posts! I think I’m going to try NaNo this year. This will be my first year participating, and I’m still trying to find an idea to write about.

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