Ingrid: A Timeless Tale

So, I recently came across a Kickstarter campaign on Facebook for a family-run project, Ingrid: A Timeless Tale. I watched the video, studied the artwork, and read their statements. And I immediately fell in love with this project.


    Ingrid simply amazed me because of its unique nature. This novel comes complete with its own soundtrack, and hand-drawn art. Ingrid is a work of art, in and of itself.

    This campaign ended up becoming my very first Kickstarter campaign to donate to. You can donate a varying amount of money, each with its own reward.

    Lynette, Jared, and Abigail Kraft’s goal for this project is a well-budgeted 17,000 dollars. I’ve donated and now I am asking you, my followers, to check this project out and determine for yourselves if you would like to donate even a dollar to help fund this amazing work of art.

    You can learn more and donate here.


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